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The Fire Safety Simulator is designed to teach fire safety to all ages !

The Fire Safety Simulator is designed to teach fire safety to all ages !

The Fire Safety Simulator is designed to teach fire safety to all ages ! The Fire Safety Simulator is designed to teach fire safety to all ages !

Business Is Backed by Over 30 yr of Fire Service Experience ! 

Let's make all  Homes  a Fire Safe Place!

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The Fire Safety Simulator ( US Patent # 10,522,051 )

    Everyone should learn as much as they can about fire safety in the home. We offers  the affordable Fire Safety Simulator to help teach Fire Safety Awareness in the home and the practical use of a Firefighter Nozzle and a real Fire Extinguisher (Age Appropriate). It is the up-most importance to review and practice the E.D.I.T.H. drill for evacuating the home in the event of a fire. It is also crucial that everyone understand the nature of fire, and how and where fires get started, it is important to practice fire safety thought-out the year!

    Our Simulator is a large 4' x 8' water-resistant free-standing image of a simulated home. It is the perfect tool to teach Fire Safety Awareness about the top fire hazards in the home. Each room shows typical fire hazards to help you explain how to explain the threat. Our Simulator comes with 2 sets of laminated lesson plan and information from an current NFPA study on home fires with specific facts. Each room is also displays the proper safety requirements that you can review from Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, Residential Fire Sprinklers, Carbon Monoxide Detector and an EDITH plan in the kitchen. 


The Fire Safety Simulator Is Perfect Teaching Tool at:

• Fire Safety Open Houses, 

• Fire Extinguisher Training, 

• Fire Prevention Week
• Fire Safety School Events,

• Fire Department Tours, 

• Community Events, 

• Block Parties,

• Community Safety Towns,

• Festivals, and More !


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Simulator Set Up


    To perform an effective simulation, you will need a 9-volt battery to power the fire alarm and strobe and an ordinary garden hose with typical residential water pressure to supply the Firefighter Nozzle or the Fire Extinguisher. For inside use, we supply the Nerf foam Axe when water is not an option. That's all you will need for hours of instruction.

    For added impact, use the provided laminated lesson plan and information sheets on each hazard to teach your lesson on Fire Safety Awareness before participants are allowed to use this Simulator. To finish this lesson, you can also teach the proper use of our Fire Nozzle or our Fire Extinguisher (Age Appropriate) (50 psi Max Limit) by following the P.A.S.S. method on this Simulator. For inside use our Nerf Foam Axe.

    Please consider additional fire safety informational handouts, stickers badges, fire helmets. Customized fire coats are available to order for your Dept. and can be used before, during, or after the lesson, or keep your sets in the lobby for station tours!


Simulator Cost


* Costs $1,795.00 plus freight.

• We accept Purchase Orders. 

• Tax Exempt Option.

• Customize with your Logo

  & Fire Safety Message.

• Fire Safety Information.
• 3yr. Warranty.

• 50 psi Max Water Pressure.
• All Shipping by UPS Freight.

  Customer pickup is available!

* Delivery in 2 - 3 Weeks

*The Price Includes: 


• Customized Unit Info & Logo.
• Combination Fire Nozzle.

• Nerf Axe and Fire Extinguisher.
• 2 Sets Laminated Lesson Plans.

• Information on each Hazard.

• Fire Alarm Horn/Strobe.
• Light Weight Free-Standing.
• Water Resistant Material.
• Double Wall Storage Box.

Information Downloads

Past Customers PDF (pdf)


2020 JFP Fire Safety Simulator Info Letter (pdf)


TFSS Simulator Brochure 2020 (pdf)


Free Accessories with purchase


Combination Nozzle

Fire Nozzle Donated By Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 


Customized Extinguisher

 Great for teaching the P.A.S.S. Method 


Foam Axe

 For Inside Application 

Simulator Video

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